“There is one way to understand another culture. Living it. Move into it, ask to be tolerated as a guest, learn the language. At some point understanding may come. It will always be wordless. The moment you grasp what is foreign, you will lose the urge to explain it. (Peter Hoeg)

Council of Europe, Attribution, via Wikimedia Commons
Translators help this dream come true.


On Hainan Pioneer Silk Road CEC Ltd.‘s Co-Founder Miao Hui’s (lengthy) CV is she worked as a translator at the 2008 Olympics with foreign athletes.

海南先锋丝路 CEC 有限公司联合创始人 Gregory Brundage 的第二语言是西班牙语,其次是马来语,其次是韩语。

Hainan Pioneer Silk Road CEC Ltd.‘s Co-Founder Gregory Brundage’s second language was Spanish, followed by Bahasa Malay, followed by Korean.

National Language test of Korea


And of course Chinese.


Hainan Language Mega-Portal

Our Goal


Translation Services & Referral

   “下一级语言大门 The “Next Level” Language gateway

  1. 通过发布在互联网站点和微博上的大型数据库,改善对所有行业和访客的多语言翻译访问。 Improving multiple language access to all industries and visitors via large databases of translators posted on internet sites and Weibo.

– 由翻译公司和自由译员组成的全天候网络。A 24/7/365 network of translation companies and freelance translators.

  • 帮助提高当地人多语种语言能力的免费和简单的程序  Free and easy programs to help improve local peoples’ language abilities in many languages
  • 易于访问的编辑服务,以协助商业、非营利和学术作家确保他们的外语写作是正确和专业的。  Easily accessed editing services to assist commercial, non-profit and academic writers ensure their foreign language writing is correct and professional.


Language helps us share the dream – in business, life and everywhere.

“‘One World, One Dream’ is simple in expression, but profound in meaning. It is of China, and of the world. It conveys the lofty ideal of the people in Beijing as well as in China to share the global community and civilization and to create a bright future hand in hand with the people from the rest of the world.” –


We are currently “browsing around” for both local and international partners to help make the Hainan Mega-Language Portal a reality. It’s not just one project, but several.

强大的合作伙伴让事情发生,海南岛是目前世界上最“发生”的地方。 请咨询您的董事会,然后是本网站的联系页面。 一起让它成为现实。

Strong partners make things happen, and Hainan Island is the most “happening” place in the world right now. Please consult your board of directors, and then the contact page of this site. Let’s make it happen.

Potential partners include:

  1. 全球贸易窗口 Global Trade Window

  • 海南省人民政府 The people’s government of Hainan Province

  • 海南省外事办公室  Foreign Affairs Office of Hainan Province

  • 国际翻译公司International translation companies with (online) access to translators from the world’s most 100 most commonly spoken languages.
  • 国际语言培训公司 International language training companies with (online) access to instructors of the world’s 100 most commonly spoken languages.

Please download the Hainan Mega-Language Portal Project Proposal posted below.

People these days are increasingly relying on translation software and that’s fine for simple things like: “How much does it cost?” But, when language gets more complicated than that, we had better either: 1. know that foreign language well ourselves, or have an excellent translator (and/or editor).

Gregory Brundage (石龙 and 海龙)

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