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Gregory Brundage 的其他网站

这是一个新网站,只有大约两天的时间。 它需要几个月的时间才能设计得很好。 现在,请参阅文档页面。 它有三个PDF。


1. 招股说明书

2. 海南度假门户


This is a new site and under construction. It will take a few months to get it designed nicely. For now, please see the Docs page. It has three PDFs.

  1. Prospectus
  2. Hainan Vacation Mega-Portal
  3. Hainan Language Mega-Portal

Visitors are also cordially invited to take a short break and enjoy my first (and only) amateur video which is based on my five-year 16-nation Silk Road Kung Fu Friendship Tour – 2015 – 2020. Call it an “ice-breaker.” The first three minutes are a brief overview of my travel and martial arts Odyssey. The tour begins in Afghanistan. My graphic arts, web design and video production skills are limited, but I do know travel, love meeting new people and thoroughly enjoy the fine art of Wushu Kung Fu! The little captions I added are in Chinese, but the photos tell the story and the music is mostly American. You can watch it here:

Silk Road Kung Fu Friendship Tour video – Take a break and enjoy life! The Silk Roads are truly beautiful.

Then… send us an email or give my business partner Miao a call. She takes care of most of the business details of this company and I can answer other questions you may have.