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蓝宝石! – Sapphires!

Thaneywaney, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Who is Ms. Miao Hui? She’s one of two Co-founders of Hainan Pioneer Silk Road CEC Ltd., and a Gemologist certified in Brussels for diamond sorting and appraisal, with a Master’s Degree from Beijing University in Geology; a jewelry designer certified in both ancient traditional Chinese design and ultra-chic modernist designs, a gem and jewelry trader, businesswoman, gem miner (just for fun) in different places around Asia, talented musician, painter and poet and has the Chinese government certificate to teach Chinese, works with a translation company in Beijing when she has time, and has three dogs she absolutely loves.

In 1987, gems were discovered in the Luc Yen area of Vietnam’s Yen Bai province. Ruby, sapphire, and spinel from primary and secondary deposits are the most valuable of these; tourmaline, gem-quality feldspar, pargasite, and humite are also mined there. As a result of this discovery, the Luc Yen district has become Vietnam’s most important gemstone-trading center over the past 30 years. 1987 年,在越南安白省的 Luc Yen 地区发现了宝石。 来自原生和次生矿床的红宝石、蓝宝石和尖晶石是其中最有价值的; 电气石、宝石级长石、磷灰石和腐殖石也在那里开采。 由于这一发现,Luc Yen 区已成为过去 30 年来越南最重要的宝石交易中心。

Miao Hui’s careful appraisal in Luc Yen gem market, Vietnam
Ms. Miao bargaining in Luc Yen Gem Market Vietnam
Miao at Gem Market Jakarta
Gems Market Jakarta
Miao Hui panning for diamonds at Cempaka diamond mine, Indonesia
Cempaka, Indonesia
Having fun after a hard day’s work at Cempaka, Indonesia.

Miao Hui

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Below is Luk Yen Village, Vietnam just after dawn

Luk Yen village early morning from hotel balcony

Indonesia – Volcanic Islands – Mountains of Gems!

印度尼西亚 – 火山岛 – 宝石山!

Gems Market Jakarta
Gem Market Jakarta, Indonesia
Ms. Miao found a diamond at Cempaka diamond mine; not the Hope Diamond, but enough to buy a cup of coffee and dinner!
Rough diamonds from Cempaka, Indonesia
By Alano Oliveira of Portugal,

The Jewelry Trade Center in Bangkok may well be the largest gem and jewelry center in Asia.


Jewelry Trade Center, Bangkok – A universe of natural wonders!

In regards to The Jewelry Trade Center… it is a 59-story mixed-use skyscraper located in the Silom Road gemstone district of Bangkok, Thailand. We spent about a week there. Good people. Felt like home. Also met up with Brother Badshah again (see below) and made lots of new friends.

About 250 Km. southeast from Bangkok is Chanthaburi, also known as “the city of gems,” a gem trading center dating back to the 15th Century owing to mines producing rubies, sapphires, and semi-precious stones. These days however most of the stones are from Myanmar, Cambodia and other places with the sellers being Thais, Pakistanis, Chinese and from various African nations. Unlike most traditional gem markets, buyers can sit at tables and the sellers come to them, but it depends. Weekends are best because there are more sellers. Naturally Ms. Miao had a great time there and made many new friends.

约 250 公里。 曼谷东南部是尖竹汶,也被称为“宝石之城”,这里的宝石交易中心可以追溯到 15 世纪,因为这里有出产红宝石、蓝宝石和半宝石的矿山。 然而,现在大部分的石头来自缅甸、柬埔寨和其他地方,卖家是泰国人、巴基斯坦人、中国人和来自不同的非洲国家。 与大多数传统的宝石市场不同,买家可以坐在桌子旁,卖家会来找他们,但这要视情况而定。 周末是最好的,因为有更多的卖家。 当然,苗女士在那里玩得很开心,结交了很多新朋友。

Ms. Miao in Heaven – looks easy but this is PhD level bargaining with sharp sellers, though in most cases the prices are – with a some haggling – quite reasonable!
One of our brothers, Mr. Badshah was a big help getting us set up and comfortable there in Chanthaburi – Thank you Sir! Incidentally since COVID-19 he mentioned there are very few Pakistanis there now, and as of September 2021 he’s still back home in Peshawar, so that phone number above might not be working. But, he’s on our WeChat so business is still ON!
The gem market is outdoors, just a little further up this street. The official address I found is: Si Chan Road and Soi Kra Chang Wat Mai Subdistrict, Chanthaburi, 22000 Thailand – but everyone in town knows the gem market, so no address is needed really.
Chanthaburi at night – Chinese Market area


Gems and jewelry

  • Gemstones/Metal mining 宝石/金属开采
  • Jewelry Design and manufacturing 珠宝设计与制造
  • Retail/ wholesale 零售批发
  • Recovery & repair 恢复与修复

Back in Hainan, hidden away near a city called Penglai is what may be the largest sapphire mine in China. Gem-quality sapphires as large as 35.5 ct, have been found in alluvial gravels about 2 km. southeast of of Penglai. Gem-quality zircon and possibly rubies have also been found. See: for more details.

ネックレス, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons
Nothing says “I love you” better than the treasures of nature.
zircon comes in a rainbow of colors, from blue, to amber, red, orange, yellow, and green. When buying always ask if they are heat treated.

According to the American Gem, During the Middle Ages people believed zircon brought peaceful sleep and graced a person with prosperity and wisdom. It was also believed to heal madness, reduce temptation, and boost the IQ. It is also known as “the stone of virtue, believed to heal healing and balance.

Pearls…! user “tanakawho”, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

For a fascinating glimpse into the: “Pearl Culture in Hainan, China,” read this article by Wayne O’Connor and Aimin Wang.

The bottom line on buying gems and jewelry is knowing the right people to get exactly what you want for the “rock” bottom price.

Having friends everywhere makes the difference.

If you’re thinking about buying something special or need something truly unique designed, Ms. Miao’s contact information is on the “Contact” page of this site.


Miao Hui Night Training with Shaolin Monk Shi Yan Kong
Ms. Miao Hui after a week backpacking on Pan Mountain, home of famed North Shaolin Monastery
Chanthaburi traditional gem trading center, Thailand
Miao Hui with legendary Wushu Kung Fu Coach Sun Jianming in Tokyo
Ms. Miao Hui with Professor Gao Wenshan, Wushu master, professor at Physical Education University of Tianjin, China
Guess who surf-sailing on Hainan Island
This brooch is made of a tear drop-shaped, very fine aquamarine held in the setting of a platinum wire with two pins and loops for hanging as a pendant. The narrow end of the setting has five brilliant cut diamonds in a group and four baguette diamonds set at angles. On either side a ribbon of white gold set with nine diamonds curves to the back of the setting. The brooch was worn by Mrs. Lyndon B. Johnson during the presidency of her husband and was a gift to her from His Excellency Arthur da Costa e Silva, President-elect of Brazil. [Public Domain]