Hainan Pioneer Silk Road Culture Education Consulting Ltd.


A large group of small companies that are all joint ventures with local people. We are diverse.

Please feel free to download the company Letter of Invitation below.

运动度假天堂 Sports Heaven

体育旅游 (参见:海南度假大门户提案) Sports Tourism (See Hainan Vacation Mega-Portal Proposal)

大型自由贸易港 – Massive Free Trade Port

未来五年,海南力争成为全球最大的自由贸易港, 除了世界上最大的度假天堂岛。 Within the next five years, Hainan is designed to become the world’s largest Free Trade Port in addition to the world’s largest vacation paradise island.

– 进出口 Import/export

– 国内贸易 Domestic trade

– 公司注册 Company registration



Accommodation services

Hainan Pioneer Silk Road CEC Ltd. 海南先锋丝路CEC 有限公司

Is also a referral and consulting service. Whatever your budget.

也是一种转介和咨询服务。 无论您的预算如何。

Haikou 517 Riding Hostel

教育  Education

Looking for a school or university? Partner with an existing educational facility, or start your own? Hainan Pioneer Silk Road CEC Ltd. is also an education and business consulting company. We know the people and do the paperwork, while you take a vacation!

正在寻找学校或大学? 与现有的教育机构合作,还是自己开办?

海南先锋丝路CEC 有限公司 也是一家教育和商业咨询公司。 当您休假时,我们认识人并做文书工作!

珠宝和采矿  Jewelry and Mining

Hainan Pioneer Silk Road CEC Ltd. Co-founder Maio Hui has trained and worked in Europe and all around Asia in the Gems and jewelry business. From mining to cutting, polishing, jewelry design, and marketing. This is her specialty area.


Language Mega-Portal

24/7 翻译推荐服务在线和 APP

Translator referral service Online and APP


Professional editing referral services for many languages


Language education: Free and paid referral services

海南中药材 Hainan Traditional Herbal Medicines

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Please note: This site was not designed to market Hainan Pioneer Silk Road Culture Education Consulting Ltd. or Hainan to the public. It was primarily designed to give potential investors and partners the concept of a “Mega-Portal,” and as a vehicle to share some of the research I’ve done on Hainan thus far. At the current time this site is little more than a “mock-up” of the real thing. For example, I obtained a considerable number of photos from Unsplash, and sincere thanks to them for their excellent free-use photos. In future I hope to get original photos of all major sites and activities but alas, my time has been too short. Yet, hope remains.

Last updated: Oct. 12, 2021