Above is Sulu Han, formerly one of the largest trading centers at the end of the Silk Roads in what is now called Ankara, Turkey.



To the world’s largest trading center, with the world’s best developed and least expensive transportation systems.


At Hainan Pioneer Silk Road Culture Education Consulting Ltd. we are licensed to work in the following trade related industries:

  • 货物进出口  Import and export of goods
  • 国内贸易代理  Domestic trade agency
  • 进出口代理  Import and export agent
  • 市场主体注册代理人 – 我们让它变得容易。  Registration agent of market entities (registering a company in Hainan) – We make it easy.
  • 技术进出口(依法须经批准的项目,经有关部门批准后方可开展经营活动) Technology import and export (the  business activities can be carried out only after the approval of relevant departments for the projects subject to approval according to law)
  • 企业管理咨询 Enterprise management consulting
  • 技术中介服务  Technology intermediary service
  • 个人商务服务  Personal business services
  • 艺术(美)艺术、收藏鉴定服务(除许可业务外,可依法独立经营不受法律法规禁止或限制)  Art (beauty) art, collection appraisal services (in addition to the licensing business, can independently operate according to law is not prohibited or restricted by laws and regulations)
  • 户外产品销售  Outdoor products sales


If you or your company have interest in any of the above trade related industries in China, Hainan Pioneer Silk Road Culture Education Consulting Ltd. can make that process a whole lot easier. Do you need a visa, work permit, or company registration? We have proven experience in doing all that.

(With one little exception: If you any kind of police record for anything, no matter how trivial or long ago, you will not be permitted a work permit in China. There are no exceptions. Without a work permit, getting a visa now during the COVID-19 epidemic, can be difficult or impossible. However, you are free to start a company here, you just can’t work for your company. On the bright side, Hainan Pioneer Silk Road Culture Education Consulting Ltd. can hook you up with local partners or proxies that do the work for you!)

如果您只是对贸易感兴趣,我们可以为您确定供应和采购公司,因为我们已获得贸易代理的许可。 换句话说,几乎一切皆有可能。

If you are simply interested in trading, we can identify supply and purchasing companies for you, as we are licensed to work as a trading agency. In other words, almost anything is possible.


Inquiries can be sent to either of the founders of Hainan Pioneer Silk Road Culture Education Consulting Ltd. Please see the Contact page on the menu above.


Would you like to purchase or sell art, air conditioners or windmills?

Register a company in China?

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Business consulting in China?

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To be frank, I’m not the business expert, Miao Hui is. And, to be perfectly honest I was astonished at how easily she managed to get this company, Hainan Pioneer Silk Road Culture Education Consulting Ltd. up and running. Me? I’m a researcher, writer and editor. I edit some of the world’s most complex scientific research papers for fun. But! Chinese systems often baffle me. The fact is, Miao Hui can easily figure out those systems, smooth her way through obstacles, and has contacts all over China and Asia that can be enormously helpful.

— Gregory Brundage – Co-Founder of Hainan Pioneer Silk Road Culture Education Consulting Ltd.