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Best Beaches on Hainan


Brief descriptions of Hainan’s best-known beaches

后海海滩位于后海湾腾海村,位于大东海东北约30公里处。 按照海南的标准,它相当小,只有大约 2 公里长。 一个适合初学者冲浪的好地方,但在旅游季节交通可能会很拥挤,因为腾海也是通往五指镇岛的门户。

Houhai Beach is in Tenghai village, Houhai Bay and found about 30km northeast of Dadonghai. By Hainan standards it’s fairly small, only about 2 km long. A good location for beginner surfers but the traffic can be heavy during tourist season as Tenghai is also the gateway to Wuzhizhen Island.

三亚湾 – 三亚湾绵延22公里,位于海南省南部海岸,靠近三亚市中心。 海南东环高铁连接海口和三亚,也经停亚龙湾等南部目的地。

Sanya Bay – Sanya Bay stretches for 22 km on the south coast of Hainan province, nearby the city center of Sanya. The Hainan Eastern Ring High-Speed Railway links Haikou with Sanya, also stopping at Yalong Bay and other southern destinations.

亚龙湾 – 海南最受欢迎的海滩之一,位于三亚东南部。 这对孩子们特别好,因为水不会很长很深。 三亚东南十五英里处,水晶般清澈的海水使亚龙湾成为浮潜的热门场所。

Yalong Bay – One of Hainan’s favorite beaches located in southeast Sanya. It’s especially good for kids because the water doesn’t get deep for a long way out. Fifteen miles south-east of Sanya, crystal-clear water makes Yalong Bay popular for snorkeling.

大东海海滩 — 位于三亚市中心东南约4公里处——以夜间海滨螃蟹餐厅而闻名。

Dadonghai Beach – About 4 km southeast of downtown Sanya – Famous for beachside crab restaurants at night.

海棠湾 海棠湾以拥有百年历史的船居丹社区的水上餐厅而闻名。 从三亚驱车40分钟可经后海码头到达铁卢甘水乡。 海棠湾的中国免税店也很受欢迎。

Haitang Bay – Haitang Bay is famous for the centuries old floating restaurants of the boat-dwelling Dan communities. A 40-minute drive from Sanya you can the water village in Tielugan via Houhai Pier. Haitang Bay is also popular for the China Duty Free Mall there.

西岛——位于三亚湾,西岛以清澈见底的海水而闻名,尤其受浮潜者的欢迎。 它也是传统渔村的所在地,非常适合散步、钓鱼、射箭和露营。

West Island – Located in Sanya Bay, West Island is famous for crystal clear water and is especially popular with snorkelers. It’s also the home of a traditional fishing village and is great for walking, fishing, archery and camping.

日月湾——位于东海岸的三亚和博鳌之间,日月湾被评为海南最佳冲浪点。 国际冲浪协会全年在那里举办比赛,但人们可以在那里找到各种级别的海浪。

Riyue Bay – Literally meaning “Sun Moon Bay,” Riyue Bay is located halfway between Sanya and Bo’ao on the east coast, Riyue Bay has been voted best spot for surfing in Hainan. The International Surfing Association hosts competitions there throughout the year, yet one can find breaks for all levels there.

石梅湾 – 位于海南东南沿海,靠近万宁市,海滩上有 4,000 年历史的常青树和椰子树。 一段偏远而狂野的海岸线,这是远离其他国际化海滩的令人耳目一新的假期。 附近还有友好的黎族渔民社区。 世界旅游组织将石梅湾命名为“海南最美的未开发海湾”。

Shimei Bay – Found on the southeast coast of Hainan, near Wanning City the beach is backed by 4,000-year-old evergreens and coconut trees. A remote and wild stretch of coastline this is a refreshing break from other more cosmopolitan beaches. There are also friendly Li minority fishing communities nearby. The World Tourism Organization named Shimei Bay the “most beautiful unexploited bay in Hainan.”

蜈支洲岛 – 蜈支洲岛因其超清澈的海水和白色的沙滩以浮潜和水肺潜水而闻名,同时也以中国保存最完好的珊瑚礁而闻名。

Wuzhizhou Island – Famous for snorkeling and scuba diving due to ultra-clear water and white sands, Wuzhizhou Island is also renowned for the best-preserved coral reefs in China.


Bo’ao Bay – Located on the east coast of Hainan. Bo’ao Bay is especially popular for kitesurfing. It’s also considered great for swimming as currents are not so strong. The adjacent town hosts the Bo’ao Forum for Asia Annual Conference which is similar to the World Economic Forum held in Davos.

天涯海角字面意思是“天边,海的边缘”,天涯海角位于16公里处。 三亚北部。 这个海滩很受中国情侣蜜月假期的欢迎,因为在这里可以沉思一些异常巨大的岩石,其中两块经得起时间的考验,代表着永恒的爱情。

Tianya Haijao Literally meaning “edge of the sky, rim of the sea,” Tianya Haijao is located 16 Km. north of Sanya. This beach is popular with Chinese couples on their honeymoon holidays as here one can meditate upon some unusually huge rocks, two of which have stood the test of time representing eternal love.

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